Politics & Your Portfolio Webinar

Saturday, October 24th | 9:00 AM EST

This is a 30 minute webinar.

You may register below and feel free to share this with other family members or friends.  There will be time available for questions after the presentation.  If you would like to send in any questions ahead of time, feel free to do so in the remarks section below.  You will also be able to ask any questions that come to your mind during the webinar.  We look forward to sharing this important time with you.

What You're Going to Learn At This Webinar:

There is so much rancor and doubt about what will happen if Candidate A wins the Presidency or Candidate B wins.  What will either result cause in the stock market?  Will it CRASH or will it SOAR?

What should you do now before we know the results in order to protect against the CRASH that could occur, or to take advantage of the RALLY that could alternatively take place?

How have past election results affected the markets?  Is this instructive for us today?

Should you just get out of the market and go to cash until the dust settles?

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These and other information will be covered in this 30 minute webinar to which you are invited on Saturday morning, October 24th at 9:00 AM



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Teach You Everything You Need to Know

R. Michael Flanders

R. Michael Flanders is the founder of Strategic Planning Corporation. Mike began his career in financial services in 1976 after graduating from Gardner-Webb University with a B.S. in Psychology. He formed Strategic Planning Corporation in 1986. Mike’s greatest concern is that the people he serves have a clear view of all the issues that impact their decisions and that truth is understood in making those decisions. This is not a common experience for most investors as they battle the confusion presented by the investment community and media. He is continually working to improve his coaching skills in order to help more people have transparency in their experience with their money and lives.

Mike was married to his wife, Teresa, in 1977 and they have four grown married children and twelve grandchildren. He enjoys family gatherings, playing with grandchildren, golf, reading and being with Teresa.

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